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Ultra low NOx burner perfectly adapted for preheated reactants: 4 to 20 times less NOx vs pipe in pipe, Compatible hot O2 / hot NG, highly flexible with long and wide adaptable flame shape, heat transfer adjustable, high turndown ratio (50 to 150% of nominal power), bi-fuel burner: Natural Gas or Fuel Oil

The design of this technology is based on a double impulse system with separate oxidant jets.

A first oxidant flow (primary O2) adjoining the fuel injection enables to initiate combustion and to guarantee flame stability. A second oxidant flow is located at a certain distance of the fuel injection (secondary O2) while a third one is positioned at a larger distance (tertiary O2). Two possible oxidant distributions may be selected: either 50% or 75% of total oxygen flow rate can be directed towards tertiary O2 injections.


LIFE+ Programme

This project is funded by the European Commission within the LIFE+ Programme

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