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Industrial results - Heat Recovery characteristics

The equipment has been started some months after the furnace. Thanks to an adapted preparation between AL, AGC and exchanger supplier, the different transient regime and unsteady situations we faced were controlled one after one. During the start-up, the equipments were tested in order to check all the non-nominal conditions, with success.Once started, the equipments behaved as expected: temperature evolution, heat losses, flow rates…

The heat recovery equipments are very satisfying today. The concept has been validated and specific safety analysis (common approach with new technologies) has been translated into internal procedures assuring an adequate usage of the technology.

The following table shows the reactants temperature at end 2009 of the first burners.


O2 Preheating 540°C ± 10°
GN Preheating 440°C ± 10°


The following parameters of the equipment have been tracked:

  • Maintenance: Very low level of maintenance has been observed.
  • Safety: No specific difficulties. The safety analysis performed during the engineering phase has allowed controlling perfectly all the transient without any difficulty.
  • Control system: The control system of the equipments is integrated inside the furnace control system. No incompatibilities were faced from the beginning.

From the start-up to today’s configuration, ALGLASS SUN burner has demonstrated the following characteristics:

  • Good functioning with natural gas and fuel oil
  • Perfect flexibility with air or steam as atomizing gas
  • Power range from 1 to 6 MW
  • Stable flames whatever oxygen and natural gas temperatures
  • High reliability of fuel-oil adapted tips

LIFE+ Programme

This project is funded by the European Commission within the LIFE+ Programme

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