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Industrial results - Cold reactants

The project started with cold reactants before operating with hot reactants some months after. Thanks to AGC advanced knowledge on oxy-fuel and AL expertise in oxy-combustion and in full-oxy furnace operations, the furnace has been started-up as scheduled.

The following parameters have been tracked with special attention:

  • Flame length: During the cold reactants phase, no difficulty was encountered about flame length. ALGLASS SUN burners provided the power distribution expected by the process: long flame at high power for reaching the middle of the glass surface, short flame when necessary to adjust batch length.
  • Flame emissivity: The aspect of oxy-gas flame without preheating is luminous, the luminosity depending on burner power.
  • Crown temperatures: The crown temperatures are similar to air-firing conditions. This can be achieved specially thanks to ALGLASS SUN technology that allows reaching low temperature flames contrary to pipe-in-pipe burners, avoiding thus local overheating.
  • Flue gases: The main results can be summarized as followed:
    • Oxygen concentration is similar to traditional full-oxy furnaces (container, fiber, solar…).
    • No excessive carryover.
    • No CO.
    • Standard fumes temperature for oxy-fuel furnace.

LIFE+ Programme

This project is funded by the European Commission within the LIFE+ Programme

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