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Industrial results - Hot reactants

The achieved results in hot reactants condition are summarized below.

The following parameters of the process have been tracked with special attention:

  • Flame length: There is no impact of oxygen preheating on flame length. From 4 to 6 meters long, depending on the firing and reactants temperature, the first flame covers the batch area efficiently thanks to ALGLASS SUN technology that allows producing wide and flat flame whatever the fuel type, the fuel temperature and the stoechiometric conditions.
  • Flame emissivity: The aspect of oxy-gas flame with and without oxygen preheating is nearly not perceptible.
  • Crown temperatures: No negative effect of oxygen preheating on crown temperature. Crown temperature is similar to air-firing conditions and cold reactants configurations. The furnace temperature is controlled by an adequate firing curve.
  • Flue gases:
    • Oxygen concentration is similar to traditional full-oxy furnaces (container, fiber …)
    • NOx level are measured and declared conformed by national agencies
    • No specific carryover is observed inside furnace channels
    • No CO thanks to a mastered control of combustion stoechiometry
  • Glass Quality: No impact of preheating.

LIFE+ Programme

This project is funded by the European Commission within the LIFE+ Programme

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